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eDocs provides services and solutions related to content management needs via our varied and diverse partnerships.




Your company has content that needs to be accessed on a regular basis. Governing important data requires the right expertisepractices, and resources.  Key components of managing content include capture, secure storage, retrievability, and improved internal and external communication of information.  eDocs Technologies engages with our clients to enable simplified execution of the tasks related to content management.

Allow your content to improve your company’s core competencies and bottom line:

    • Secure your content in digital format

    • Seamlessly share your content with both internal and external customers

    • Reduce your physical footprint related to document storage


Content Services Offerings

DocuWare is a state-of-the-art platform that allows you to manage, process and utilize business information — centrally, quickly, and effectively. The comprehensive capabilities and functions of DocuWare’s document management and workflow solutions can be integrated into any IT system to digitize manual or paper-based business processes from any department.  DocuWare is currently sold in 18 languages and in 100+ countries.

With DocuWare Cloud, you get full use of content services as an uncompromising SaaS solution, without worrying about server hardware, complex IT responsibilities or high initial investment. DocuWare Cloud is available with flexible licenses for different sizes of enterprise and offers you maximum security, scalability and availability. Automatic updates and backups ensure that your system is always up to date. Every subscription includes the full range of features, including Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager, DocuWare Forms and all other applications.

DocuWare offers reliable procedures to ensure the integrity of your business information. Powerful logging and analysis functions give you control over document versions, changes, and workflows. A sophisticated rights structure, secure data capture, clearly controlled processes and unchangeable system entries protect against document loss, abuse and manipulation.  Your employees will have the exact rights they need for their respective tasks and control who is allowed to see, edit, export and delete which documents and in which context. For easy implementation, DocuWare provides predefined groups, roles and profiles that you assign to each user. Highly confidential data can also be encrypted so that even the system administrator cannot access it.


The Mobile Impact Platform, provided by Mi-Corp is an intuitive, user-friendly mobile data capture platform that handles 100% of an entity’s mobile form needs, including routing and approval steps, integration, user management, offline syncing, data replication, and data security. 

eDocs works with our clients to build fully customizable forms and apps with true cross-platform support (iOS, Android, Windows) that seamlessly integrate with existing line of business systems.  The Mobile Impact solution collects any data, including text, checkboxes, radio buttons, photos, GPS, barcodes, RFID, speech, handwriting and more.

Workflows can then be initiated to automate notifications, signoffs, and prepare and package final reports for delivery.

eDocs Technologies has worked with building inspectors and fire departments to develop and implement the mobile platform to accurately gather data from the field and upload to various content repositories for storage and appropriate task execution.

OnBase, by Hyland, is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. OnBase is a single product, not a brand representing a large portfolio of acquired products. By combining these capabilities on a single platform, OnBase serves as a low-code rapid application development platform, which can be utilized to create content-enabled solutions across your entire enterprise.  OnBase is highly scalable and can meet future needs of the any organization.

OnBase automates your processes, manages all your important business content in one secure location and works with your other applications, to deliver your information whenever – and wherever – you need it.  Once you have your information under control, you have total visibility into the status of processes, documents, and information – while also supporting retention requirements.  OnBase has a very granular level of security and can support the role-based security necessary to support large organizations and various departments.  

While OnBase is a commercial off-the shelf (COTS) solution, it should be noted that it is highly customizable, without the use of custom code or intensive scripting, to make the solution unique to the needs of your company.

eDocs has deployed the OnBase ECM solution in multiple organizations spanning from governments, commercial corporations, and healthcare to K-12 and higher education institutions.


OCR for AnyDoc® 


AnyDoc uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically capture, extract and validate data – including machine, handprint, mark sense and barcodes – from nearly any document.  The customizable verification procedures, using your business rules, help ensure accuracy with minimal human intervention.  


OCR for AnyDoc can incorporate functionality that allows template-based processing, where the system is told exactly where to find the data on a document, or template-less, intelligent processing, where the system has limited guidance and finds the data according to various techniques and using a variety of technologies.  AnyDoc can be leveraged to work alongside any content repository solution.


eDocs has utilized AnyDoc with our clients to create solutions built around both claims and payment processing, in the government and healthcare sectors, as well as forms validation tasks for departments within education and commercial arenas.

CloudOCR is an online OCR service for fast and easy data capture.  It can OCR invoices, forms, BOLs, drawings, tickets, claims and more.  CloudOCR’s Secure Management Tool (SMT) will monitor a folder on a PC or server within your organization and securely upload the files for processing in CloudOCR. The SMT will then deliver back the CSV or XML data files with the related document images in a designated folder so that you can easily automate your OCR process within your organization.  Contact us today for a free trial of up to 100 documents.