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Customer Support

eDocs Technologies was founded to provide and support technologies specializing in Document and Content Management systems that introduce Capture, Management, Process and Integration capabilities to solve business critical needs and address underlying business process issues. We are committed to providing the best client experience possible, while implementing the EDM/ECM system determined to be the best fit for each of our clients.  

The eDocs team has over 60 years of combined experience implementing content management solutions that combine data/document capture, process automation, database architecture, software development lifecycles, custom applications, solution architecting, security, and end user training.  Our team is a collaborative group of content management experts whose goal is to provide our clients with unmatched quality of work and commitment to achieve the goals of each project.

eDocs Technologies is a Certified WBE Technology Consulting firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with offices across the state, as well as Columbus, Ohio, that has been providing content management and scanning services since 2012 to commercial, healthcare, education and local, county and state government clients in the US throughout the US. 

eDocs is also proud to be part of the Pennsylvania CoStars and South Carolina (DocuWare provider) content management state term contracts.