Brainware - intelligent data capture

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Automated data capture with human-like intelligence
In an increasingly digital world, information is quickly becoming your organization’s most valuable asset. But relying on staff to manually receive, process and input information into your core systems leaves room for errors, slower processes and delayed and inaccurate decisions.

Brainware intelligent capture brings greater efficiency and accuracy to your processes by automating the capture, extraction and verification of data from documents and images – of different file types, in different languages and across departments – while providing access to key metrics and performance indicators for your processes.

Brainware intelligent capture helps get the data that fuels your organization

Realize immediate, tangible cost savings
Reduce labor costs associated with manual document preparation and data entry – while cutting the costs associated with storing and handling paper documents.

Improve the speed of critical business processes
Get data into your core systems faster to accelerate decision making and meet efficiency goals across your organization.

Optimize your workforce
Increase the productivity of knowledge workers by moving them away from manual work and onto higher-value tasks. Improve service by providing staff more time with customers and vendors as well as more accurate information at their fingertips

eDocs Technologies can help you take advantage of the full capabilities of your document and data capture processes

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